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Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren Corporation is a leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium lifestyle products in four categories: Apparel, Home, Accessories, and Fragrances. For more than 40 years, Ralph Lauren's reputation and distinctive image have been consistently developed across an expanding number of products, brands, and international markets.SUMMARY In collaboration with the Senior
of Learning & Development, the Contact Center (CC) Manager of L&D; will serve as the central point of contact related to Contact Center training and informational needs. He/she will work directly with Contact Center
to proactively identify and plan for appropriate training and informational interventions that are delivered in a timely manner. Under the direction of the Senior Manager of L&D;, the CC Manager of L&D; will spearhead analysis, design, and development initiatives related to new-hire, refresher, and career development training needs of Contact Center frontline Management and Associates. He/she will manage, support, and mentor Contact Center Learning Specialists and assume responsibility for instructional design and development, appropriate content treatment and media, quality assurance methodology, and creative delivery strategies. When directed or needed due to time or resource constraints, the CC Manager of L&D; will also perform Learning Specialist instructional development and delivery activities. RESPONSIBILITIES 1. In coordination with the Senior Manager of L&D; and Contact Center leaders, assess new-hire and ongoing learning and performance needs of frontline Management and Associates; recommend appropriate learning and support solutions. 2. Serve as liaison between the Senior Manager of L&D; and the Contact Center. q Meet with Contact Center Management to identify "requirements" for all Contact Center training; elicit shortfalls. q Assure that standards and requirements are maintained on an ongoing basis. 3. Provide overall management and leadership to Contact Center Learning Specialists: q Assign resources; set timelines and deadlines; track projects and schedules. q Assure communication among all constituencies. q "Approve" all learning materials prior to final review by Contact Center Management. q Work with Learning Specialists and the WorkForce team to schedule/coordinate training
. q Manage the hiring and onboarding process for new L&D; staff. 4. Oversee the design, development, and delivery of Contact Center training and informational materials, including: q Assure quality, adherence to requirements, and timely delivery. q Approve all "design approach" documents prior to full-scale development by Learning Specialists (or assure that they are approved by the SME). q Develop and maintain development productivity tools and templates. q Approve "design approach" documents and overall strategies. q Perform quality assurance (and sign-off) on instructional material. q Assure that files follow naming conventions and are centrally located. 5. Provide design guidance, oversight, and mentoring related to training development involving a varied content types and potential audiences: q Job processes, customer transactions, and use of
q Human skills and customer interactions q New products or
q RL programs or new business initiatives q Contact Center
q Management development 6. Plan for, set up, administer, and maintain a four-pronged quality assurance program for all instructional materials developed for the Contact Center: q Adherence to instructional objectives and focus q Instructional integrity and creativity q Content accuracy and appropriate treatment q Adherence to development, terminology, and grammatical standards 7. As requested and needed, perform Learning Specialist responsibilities, including: q Collaborate with CC SMEs to plan for, design, develop, and deliver learning and performance materials. q Determine the best approaches, media, and format. q Adhere to RL standards and instructional methodology. q Create course objectives and outlines; PowerPoint(TM) presentations; learner handouts, case studies and scenarios; learner assessments; and online documentation/job aids. 8. Elevate existing Contact Center instructional documents and approaches to a "higher" level by recommending creative and alternative media solutions (e.g., E-learning, Web-based learning); explore new technologies related to relevant learning systems. 9. Participate in meetings with Contact Center Management, the Senior Manager of L&D;, Learning Specialists, Communications Coordinator, Quality Assurance team, Associates, etc., for information and communication purposes. 10. Participate in training development projects and initiatives across the High Point facility as requested by the Senior Manager of L&D.; 11. Perform additional duties as necessary.JOB REQUIREMENTS, EXPERIENCE, AND QUALIFICATIONS 1. A Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in Instructional Design, Curriculum Design, Instructional Technology, Educational Media, or Education is required. 2. Must have proven courseware design and development experience within an inbound Contact Center related to both transactional skills and human interactions with customers. (Samples are required related to course objectives, design approaches, content treatment, curriculum design, etc.) 3. A minimum of one year experience in the management and/or mentoring of instructional designers/developers, preferably within a Contact Center environment is preferred. 4. Must exhibit leadership and mentoring sensibilities related to the following: q Training within a Contact Center environment q Grounds-up curriculum/courseware design q Instructional/informational design (objectives, topics, treatment, media, etc.) q Working with SMEs (strategies and methodology) 5. Must be able to articulate and apply an instructional/informational design methodology; knowledge of a performance-based instructional methodology is required. 6. Must demonstrate a clear understanding and appreciation of key Contact Center concepts and practices, including: use of systems, call routing, contact channels, types of customer transactions/interactions, workforce management, reporting, performance measurements, quality initiatives, coaching and mentoring, career path, staff development, and the unique demands of frontline staff. 7. Must be learner-focused, with the ability to develop targeted materials based on learner preferences, characteristics, competencies, etc. 8. Must have experience in the quality assurance (including final editing) of instructional materials and the development, maintenance, and distribution of instructional standards. 9. Must be able to demonstrate a commitment to high-performance writing standards; must have an "eagle's eye" in spotting minute errors. 10. Must have superior writing skills related to informational and instructional material, including the ability to present content in a non-paragraph and linear way. 11. Must possess solid classroom delivery skills related to motivating and capturing the attention of adult learners within a Contact Center environment; must display high energy, confidence, a sense of fun, and the desire to provide a unique and memorable learning experience. 12. Must be a high-performing PC user and an
in the Windows Office Suite (specifically PowerPoint(TM) and Word(TM)). A terrific sense of graphic design is a plus. 13. Must be task-, team-, and deadline-oriented; must be a team player. 14. Must have demonstrated experience in communicating effectively with all levels of Management and Associates. Work Conditions 1. Must have ability to work varied hours as business needs change. 2. Must have dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a
keyboard, mouse, and other computer components. 3. Must be able to sit, stand, and walk for extended periods of time. 4. Minimal travel based on business needs. Ralph Lauren Corporation is an equal opportunity employer. We offer dynamic career opportunities with growth potential and a generous company discount.

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